12 Foot Mexican Palm Palapa Kit - Round
12' Mexican Palm Palapa

12 Foot Mexican Palm Palapa Kit - Round

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Center Pole Length help
Purlins/Rib Roof Framing help
Wood Treatment help
No Treatment
Clear Borate Wood Preservative Treatment (not shiny top coat) [+$140.00]
Canyon Brown Stain & Sealer All In One [+$170.00]
Desert Sand Stain & Sealer All In One [+$170.00]
Cedar Stain & Sealer All In One [+$170.00]
Palmex Frame: Clear Borate Wood Preservative Treatment (not shiny top coat) [+$220.00]
Palmex Frame: Canyon Brown Stain & Sealer All In One [+$320.00]
Palmex Frame: Desert Sand Stain & Sealer All In One [+$320.00]
Palmex Frame: Cedar Stain & Sealer All In One [+$320.00]
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Fire Retardant Treated Thatch help
Decorative Rope Kit help
Thatch Save® Netting help
Table help
Palapa Stand/Base help
12 Foot Palapa umbrellas are also known as thatch umbrellas, tropical umbrellas, thatch palapa, 
grass palapa, tiki umbrella, or palapa structure. Sitting under a palm palapa will instantly make you feel as if you're on a beautiful tropical beach. There's nothing better than to relax in the shade of a palapa. Now you really can vacation at home!

Each Kit with Standards Options Includes

  • 2 pieces or layers of pre-woven thatch (See the difference between 1, 2 and 3 layers Click Here)
  • 6''-8'' diameter pole (depends on specific item ordered )
  • Pre-assembled rafter
  • 1/4" thick redwood Purlins/Rib Roof Framing
  • Special composite fascia trim
  • All necessary hardware
  • Step-by-step instructions
The Mexican Palm Thatch lasts outdoors approximately 2-8 years depending on the climate. If there is a lot of humidity, wind or rain, your thatch will last closer to the lower end of the spectrum. When the palm thatch needs to be replaced, and if caught soon enough it may be possible to only replace the top layer of thatch (2 layers is the standard option.) You can purchase replacements under Thatch Roof Materials & Extras - Mexican Palm Thatch.

Our 6-8 inch diameter poles extend to 2-3 inch diameter pine rafters. The thatch is hand woven Mexican rain-cape thatch and comes in 2* easy to install pieces up to 14 ft. diameter structures. (*2 unless standard option is changed)

Palapa sizes are a rough estimate because of the following. Your 7 foot palapa will have a 6 foot diameter frame and we estimate the thatch to overhand the frame by 6 inches on all sides. If you were to measure from one side of the palapa to the other including the thatch you should measure approximately 7 feet. We estimate all of the round  Mexican Palm Palapas to have a 1 foot overhang. All our round Mexican Palm Palapas will have a frame 1 foot smaller then the advertised overall size of the palapa.

General Tools and materials needed for installations:

Usually at least 2 people
Drill with screwdriver bits 
Free standing ladder
Wheelbarrow and shovel (depending on main pole installation method) 
Cement (depending on main pole installation method)
* Sockets and wrench

Installation Difficulty:

2 out of 5 - This means that this type of palapa is one of the easiest to set up and enjoy.
*Note: Installation difficulty increases proportionally with the size of palapa.

Basic Installation Instructions

  1. Dig a hole in ground 12''-24 in diameter or core a hole into your bar surface 6-8 inches in diameter (depending on palapa size) and place main pole in hole
  2. Connect pre-assembled rafters to main pole
  3. Attach composite fascia trim to ends of rafters (makes structure circular)
  4. Place wood ribs over rafters (these keep the thatch up between rafters)
  5. Attach thatching to roof frame
    **Much More detailed instructions come with kit***

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