Synthetic African Reed Palapa
Synthetic African Reed Palapa

9 Foot Synthetic African Reed Palapa Kit - Round

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9 Foot Synthetic African Reed Palapa Kit - Round. 

Each Kit with Standard Options Includes: 
  • Synthetic thatch 
  • 6''x10' round wood pole (select 12' for in ground installations.)
  • If wood frame selected; Pre-assembled rafters 
  • All necessary hardware 
  • Step-by-step instructions. 
Palapa sizes are a rough estimate because of the following: 9 foot palapa will have a 8 foot diameter frame & we estimate the thatch to overhand the frame by 6 inches on all sides. If you were to measure from one side of the palapa to the other including the thatch you should measure approximately 9 feet. 

The synthetic reed thatch is warrantied for 20 years by the manufacturer!!!

Palapa umbrellas are also known as thatch umbrellas, tropical umbrellas, thatch palapa, reed palapa, tiki umbrella, palapa structure, tiki huts and more. Sitting under a reed palapa will instantly make you feel as if you're on a beautiful tropical beach. There's nothing better than to relax in the shade of a palapa. Now you really can vacation everyday!

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