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10.5' African Reed Palapa Pictured
10.5' African Reed Palapa Pictured

12 Foot African Reed Palapa - Round

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The African Reed Palapas are made of flexible panels of reed indigenous of South Africa. This palapa thatch is estimated to last 6-10 years. The synthetic reed is mildew and bug resistant. There's nothing better than to relax in the shade of a palapa. Now you really can vacation at home! Synthetic thatch palapas are estimated to last upwards of 20 years.

Each Kit Includes:
  • Flexible panels of authentic South African reed or synthetic polypropylene reeds
  • 6'' diameter pole
  • Metal frame or wood frame
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Hardware
General Tools and materials needed for installations:
Usually at least 2 people

Drill with socket bit (a hand wrench will work, but takes longer)

Free standing ladder

Wheelbarrow and shovel (depending on main pole installation method) 
Cement (depending on main pole installation method)
* Sockets and wrench

Basic Installation Instructions
  1. Dig a hole in ground 12'' in diameter or core a hole into your bar surface 6 inch diameter and place main pole in hole and secure or put into palapa stand.
  2. Connect metal or wood framework together
  3. Attach metal framework onto pole
  4. Attach reed roofing to frame
    *More detailed instructions come with kit
Base Priced Reed Palapa, Standard Options:
  • Main pole length: Customer's Choice- 10' or 12'
  • Fire Retardant Application: No
  • Wood Type: Pine
  • Wood Treatment: None
  • Rib Options: Steel
  • Thatch Layers: One
  • Rope Kit: No