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Mexican Palm thatch roll
Mexican Palm thatch roll

4x20 Foot Mexican Palm Thatch Palapa/Tiki Hut Roofing

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Mexican Palm Natural Thatch

Mexican Palm Thatch is also known as, tiki roofing, thatch roofing, palm roofing, mexican rain cape thatch, grass roofing and tiki hut roofing. Sitting under a palm palapa will instantly make you feel as if you're on a beautiful tropical beach. There's nothing better than to relax in the shade of a palapa. Now you really can vacation at home!

Mexican Palm Thatch

  • Easy installation, no special skills required
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors, add a topical touch to your structure
  • Diamond weave pattern underside

Palm frond Rain capes are available in round or square panels. Shaggy in appearance, they create an instant tropical look. The underside is an attractive diamond woven pattern. Thatch can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Replacement thatch for palapas, tiki huts, grass huts, thatch umbrellas, thatch structures and more..

- Thatch & Matting Info Comparison Sheets PDF

Did You Know?
Mexican Fan Palm Rain capes can be cut down to fit your specific application. The following tips can be used to customize your application. Please also check out our video showing how we like to cut Mexican Palm thatch on our Facebook Page: Video Link

Step 1: Find correct height of thatch

Step 1: Identify the row of knots which will be the new bottom edge. The fringe of the thatch will extend 6"-9" below the new end row of knots that you choose.

Step 2: Lift the thatch knot up

Step 2:
Lift the knot away from the loose top material in order to get a clean cut. Lift the knot far enough away for the cutter to get between the knots and the loose top material.

Step 3: Position the clippers

Step 3: Using garden clippers, positron cutters just below new edge row of knots, under the connecting pieces of thatch to the next row of knots.

Step 4: Cut!

  • Step 4: Cut! Make sure that you have the length you want and then go ahead and cut the connecting pieces. Continue this process for the entire piece of thatch, keeping the lengths consistent.

Mexican Palm Thatch Sizes:

Round Palm ThatchRound Palm Thatch

-Sizes available: 2.5', 7', 9', 12', 14', 16' Diameters

Palm Thatch Panel4'x Palm Thatch Panels

-Sizes available:
-4'L x 4'W

Palm Thatch Roll2.5'x Palm Thatch Roll

-Sizes available:
-2.5'W x 8'L
-2.5'W x 27'L
-2.5'W x 60'L