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6 Inch x 10 Foot Round Pine Wood Poles - 2 Pack

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Pine Round Wood Poles

Our pine poles are solid poles that have many possible uses and can be used in many theme settings including:

  • Palapa & Tiki Hut Building
  • Fence Posts & Rails
  • Western Decor
  • Tropical Decor
  • Nautical Decor
Information about our wood pine poles:


We enjoy the rustic look of our wood and the character each piece can have & hope you will to. We want you to know exactly what you will be getting so we are sharing the following details. We store most or our wood outdoors and cover it but in many cased the wood comes to us somewhat weathered. The poles can have slight bows to them. During the drying process they tend to form what we call "checking" but basically what this is are cracks going from the outside of the wood towards the heart of the wood. This is normal and we have no way to prevent this from happening. Structurally the wood is still sound with these checks. We sell our wood as we receive it unless otherwise specified. No sanding or other finishing is done unless specified. There can be slight variations in the diameter sizes. Each piece of wood will be different and will have different characteristics such as amount of knots, size of knots, color of wood etc. The length of the wood will have variations so please let us know if you have a minimum size requirement. Some pieces will have more unique qualities than others. It should be expected that some pieces of wood will have areas where bark has not been completely removed, marks from the binding straps, mildew stains or other variations pictured below.

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TextureColor & KnottStrap Mark

TextureColor & Knott
2 Inch poles may have the rounded end and pointed tips as shown above.

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