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6x8 Gable Roof Mexican Palm Hut
6x8 Gable Roof Mexican Palm Hut

6ft. x 8ft. Mex Gable Roof Palm Tiki Hut/Palapa - 4 Posts

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Our Mexican Palapa/Palm Tiki Huts are wonderful over spas, BBQ islands, pools, or just about anywhere else. If you want to truly vacation at home, purchase a Palm Tiki Hut! There's nothing better than to relax in the shade of a palapa. Now you really can vacation at home!

Each Standard Tiki Hut Kit Includes:

  • 1 layers of hand woven Mexican palm thatch
  • 4 main poles 4" diameter with supporting lumber
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Hardware

Top view of Tiki Hut diagram
Our 4 inch diameter poles extend to 2 inch diameter round pine rafters. The palm thatch roofing is hand woven Mexican palm thatch rounds that are easy to attach and maintain.

The leg spacing is from the center of the leg to the center of an adjacent leg.

6'x8' Square Palm Tiki Hut: 36" x 92" (on center)

Pole spacing has been designed to maximize your space in the shade. The poles have been set to the very outer edge of the roof frame. If you would like to have the pole spacing closer together, in most cased this can be easily changed with no additional customization charges. The pole spacing for the oval Tiki Hut palapas can be changed with some limitations. The width distance can be shortened (see above) but the length can not; unless the whole roof length is changed.

Palapa sizes are a rough estimate because of the following. For example: Your 12 foot round palapa will have a 11 foot frame diameter and we estimate the thatch to overhand the frame by 6 inches on all sides. If you were to measure from one side of the palapa to the other including the thatch you should measure around 12 feet. We estimate all of the Mexican Palm Palapas to have a 1 foot overhang. All our round Mexican Palapas will have a frame 1 foot smaller than the advertised overall size of the palapa.
Square hut frames are not like the round huts; frames are 8 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet and 14 feet respectively. The thatch roofing will then hang over the frame like the round; overall about 1 foot or 6 inched each side.

General Tools and materials needed for installations:

Usually at least 2 people
Drill with screwdriver bits
Free standing ladder
Wheelbarrow and shovel (depending on main pole installation method)
Cement (depending on main pole installation method)
* Sockets and wrench

Installation Difficulty:


3 out of 5 - This means that this type of palapa is somewhat difficult to setup (compared to the simplest.)

*Note: Installation difficulty increases proportionally with the size of palapa.

Basic Installation Instructions

  1. Assemble bottom portion of hut. (legs to headers)
  2. Assemble top portion of huts in place on top of posts.
  3. Secure top portion to bottom portion
  4. Attach pre-woven thatch pieces to roof
    *Much more detailed instructions come with kit