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Bamboo & Moon Scene Curtain
Bamboo & Moon Scene Curtain

Bamboo Doorway Curtain Pink Flowers Scene

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Part Number: B5259
Bamboo Doorway Curtains

Product Specifications:
  • Size: 35.5" wide x 78" to top of hooks (dimensions are approximations and can vary)
  • 90 strands per curtain
  • Installation: There are 2 metal hooks at the top of the curtain to attach to a nail, screw or hook.
  • No 2 curtains are identical in that each is hand made and painted if applicable. Slight color and design variations will be present from each image displayed.
  • Hand made
Bamboo curtains are an excellent green living product. Bamboo products bring a tropical paradise to wherever they're used. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world. It has an accelerated growth rate of up to 3-4 feet per day (or about 1.5-2.0 inches per hr)! When treated, bamboo forms a very hard wood which is both lightweight and exceptionally durable. In tropical climates it is used in elements of house construction, construction scaffolding, and as a substitute for steel reinforcing rods in concrete construction.

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