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Viva Palm Thatch Installation Example
Viva Palm Thatch Installation Example

Viva- Palm- Synthetic Thatch Extended Eave Shingle - 70 pack

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VIVA palm is an innovative roofing system simulating the appearance and texture of natural palm thatch. Whether installing on a new commercial project or retrofitting traditionally framed tiki hut, VIVA palms easy to install system gives decades of maintenance free performance.

Viva Extended Eave is a premium option with an overhang length of 30 inches which serves as an alternative to the standard eave detail with an overhand of 18 inches. Viva extended eave is available in all standard Viva palm patterns and colors.

Installation: Nailed or Screwed

PDF Documents:
  • Extended Eave Panel - 36" x 32" x .0.30" - 1.2 lb each
  • Coverage: 1.88 square feet per pieces & 1 piece per linear foot for 3 course eaves (about 132.22 square feet per box/bundle)
  • 20 Year Guarantee
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Fire and Wind Resistant
  • No maintenance required
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Life-like design
  • Viva palm thatch panels can be installed to a sub-roof or open battens
VIVA palm is available in two different pattern designs. The pattern design is visible on the interior ceiling when used in the horizontal or vertical batten configuration. The Top Cap & Hip/Ridge pattern is compatible with both fanned and folded designs.

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